Pocket Letter Debut!


Hello crafty friends, I hope you are well.  This week I’m sharing my very first Pocket Letter that I have made :-). If you don’t know about Pocket Letters have a look at the Janette Lane blog, the lady that came up with this concept.  Basically it’s  a fun way of getting to know other crafty people by swapping  a trading card page protector – with 9 pockets. You fill these pockets with anything you like really – things that another crafter would use in their crafts and a short letter about yourself, making them your Pocket Letter Pal 🙂  The idea is that these will fold down into a standard size 10 envelope. I had been looking at some examples of  PL’s on YOUTUBE and wondering if I should give them a go. I was in two minds because a lot of them look like they took a week to make –  they were so elaborate!  Then the old self doubt set in and I was worried that what if I made one and it didn’t match up to my penpals letter? – worried that they might  disappointed with what I had sent to them! Then,  I read a post by my blog buddy Nicole at thepaperbaker about a PL that she had received and that she had had the same worries as me. Anyway, Nicole asked me if I would like to swap with her – so obviously I said yes!  I have to say I LOVED making it 🙂  I used a collection from Tilda called ‘Summer Blues’ and the greetings on the tags are from Craftwork Cards. And here it is…… The first 3 pics are the front pockets.  The other 3 are the backs.




Here I included some really cute little bobbins with twine that wouldn’t stay put in the pockets so I made a little envelope for those to go in separately!  I also made the sweet keychain and charms.


So that’s my first PL – I really hope it won’t be the last!  They really are fun to make and I’m thrilled to report that Nicole loved this one 🙂  Thanks for stopping by today, I hope you can visit again tomorrow when I will be sharing the wonderful PL that I received from Nicole 🙂

Take care – Karen 🙂

7 thoughts on “Pocket Letter Debut!

  1. Fabulous post my friend! You had absolutely nothing to worry about… I ohhhhh’d & awww’d like someone sent me the Hope Diamond 😉 Thanks for EVERYTHING!

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  2. Oh, you have been quite busy! I’m trying to catch up here on commenting.:-) Your pocket letter is amazing! So many goodies and details…so pretty! Very cute bobbins with twine and love the key chain! Take care and have a great weekend!:-)

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